Saturday, April 21, 2012

barang antik


Broken Hearted

when good times come
they're followed by the bad
one minute you're joyful and happy
the next you're broken and sad
love is a dagger
that kills all of your fears
but it can turn on you
and put you to the ground with tears
you get back up
and give it another shot
you meet someone else
and soon you're back as if you forgot
but once again
it tears you down
you feel your regrets
as you lay on the ground
if only love was simple
as simple as it could be
this world would have less broken hearts
and more faces happy
but its not simple
but it always gives us a smile
to wear over our faces
in a love so worthwhile
its something special
something to never be parted
what makes it special is
once its gone.....

you're left broken hearted

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